Safer Stays at Stronchullin Holiday Cottages

We are getting ready for re-opening to welcome guests from the 3rd July 2020. Here's what you can expect:

  • Upon arrival please find your key in the door lock your property.
  • Please use hand sanitiser provided upon arrival outside your property.
  • Throughout the grounds of Stronchullin please continue to observe the current guidance for social distancing rules.
  • Our cleaners will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including facemasks and gloves and disposable aprons.
  • Main surfaces will be sanitised using anti-viral disinfectant including kitchen worktops, dining tables, bedside tables and coffee tables.
  • Heavy use items will be sanitised between each check-in including remote controls, light switches, door handles and blind cords.
  • Non-essential items will be removed including cushions, throws, toiletries, counter top utensils, ornaments, knife blocks, books, games and marketing materials.
  • Extra cleaning time will be given to allow thorough sanitisation check-in time will now be 5pm and check-out will now be 9am.
  • Additionally, we have gone the extra mile to really help you keep safe as your accommodation will be ‘fogged’ with an antiviral disinfectant after cleaning.
  • Your accommodation will have a sign on the door to confirm that no one has entered since it was cleaned and sanitised.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact us:

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